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Get ready to launch your hotel in the golf segment

Discover how Mallorca Tee Time can boost your golf hotel in Mallorca and capture new international markets. 
Our specialized representation gives you visibility in golf trade shows, connecting you with the main tour operators and travel agents specialized in golf. In addition, we offer personalized advice to enhance the golf experience at your hotel and attract golfers of all levels.
With our team at your side, your hotel will be the preferred destination for international golfers in Mallorca.


Diversification of the tourist offer:

By working in the golf segment, the hotelier can diversify its tourism offer and attract a new market of golfers, thus reducing dependence on other tourism segments and increasing its potential customer base.

Extended tourist season:

Golf is a year-round activity, which allows the hotelier to extend the tourist season beyond the traditional summer months. This helps to improve occupancy and revenues during off-peak seasons.

Stabilization of the


By attracting golfers, the hotel can increase demand during off-peak seasons in Mallorca. This advantage contributes to a more sustainable management of the business and greater stability in revenues throughout the year.


Higher average spending per tourist:

Golfers tend to have greater purchasing power and are willing to invest more in their travel experience, including higher quality accommodations and ancillary services. This can increase the average spend per tourist at the hotel.

Customer loyalty and repeat business:

Golfers are a loyal and passionate audience. By providing them with an exceptional golf experience along with quality hotel services, they are more likely to return for future stays, which encourages loyalty and repeat business.

Improvement of the hotel's image and reputation:

By focusing on the golf segment, the hotelier can position itself as a luxury and excellence-oriented establishment, which contributes to improving its image and reputation among golfers and other potential customers.

Strategic alliances and collaborations:

Working in the golf segment opens up opportunities to establish strategic alliances with golf courses, tournaments, golf tour operators and other companies in the industry, which can increase the hotel's visibility and reach.

Promotion of sustainable tourism:

Golf tourism tends to be more closely linked to sustainable and responsible tourism, as golf courses are often located in protected natural environments and have environmental policies oriented towards sustainability. The hotelier can help promote sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

Events and groups 


The golf segment often involves the organization of events, tournaments and special group travel, which provides opportunities to attract business and clients that generate a constant demand for hotel rooms and services.

More efficient personnel management:

By attracting golfers during off-peak seasons, the hotel is able to extend the hiring months of its permanent employees. This allows employees to be hired for longer periods of time, thus avoiding constant hiring and training of new personnel.

After years of marketing Mallorca as a golf destination, we have a large portfolio of clients to whom we keep informed of the latest developments.

Fairs, tournaments and events

We attend golf fairs representing your company as your own and organise tournaments and events on your behalf.
If you need to attract international tour operators to visit your facilities, we will contact them and organise a familiarisation trip for them to see your product first hand.
Our aim is to promote the sale of golf clients for their hotels and golf courses and to strive to increase sales as well as to defend the interests of our clients.
In summary, working in the golf segment can be a beneficial strategy for holiday hoteliers in Mallorca, as it allows them to diversify their offer, extend the season and hiring periods of permanent employees, increase occupancy and revenues, build loyalty among high-value customers and improve their reputation in the tourism market.

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