The Moors and Christians of Pollença

If you come to Mallorca, we recommend you to enjoy the charm of one of its most beautiful villages: Pollença. A perfect place to spend a few days strolling through its beautiful streets dominated by stone, let yourself be enveloped by its natural environment and enjoy its traditions.

Located in the north of Mallorca, very close to the coast, Pollença is a quiet municipality with pleasant narrow streets that are full of history and tradition. It stands out for the beautiful natural landscapes that surround it, but also, for its festivities, very popular in the Balearic culture: "The Moors and Christians", which commemorate the battle of May 30, 1550 in which the Christians defeated the pirates of Dragut.

This event is a great tourist attraction. Every August, the town dresses up to welcome its patron saint, the Virgin of the Angels, and recreate the attack of the corsairs and the commemoration of the victory of the Pollensines.
The route begins in the Plaza de la Almoina (the fountain of the rooster) with the reunion of the two leaders, Joan Mas (pollensines) and Dragut (corsair). At 19:00h, begins the clash between the two groups of fighters that gives rise to the drill.

The corsairs gradually retreat, fighting with all their arsenal, following the main street, until they reach Can Nogués, from where the royal mayor comes out of the Old Town Hall, who joins the battle to help the Pollesines in the battle, being of great help for the great combat.
Later, in front of the Church of San Jorge, another important act takes place, in which the cannons of the Christians are incorporated, proclaiming them winners of this battle.
The simulation ends in the field of ca n'Escarrinxo, at the exit of the village where after three hard clashes, the Christians finally get the long-awaited corsair flag, and happy with the victory, they go to the Parish to sing a Tedeum in gratitude. In the temple the "Puig Patrona" of Costa i Llobera is also sung and a whole party is celebrated!

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