The most magical night of the year

If there is one night that has a special aura, it is the 23rd of June. The well-known Sant Joan's Night o Bonfire Nightis an event in Mallorca. The rituals are perpetuated in the city of Palma and the bonfires are lit on its beaches, where we all gather to celebrate the summer solstice. At midnight, many decide to burn a piece of paper in the fire in which they write their wishes, others venture into thewaters of the Mediterranean, others throw three coins into the sea and the most daring jump over the bonfire.

The Mallorcan tradition

In many places on the island, there are various events with music, dancing, barbecues on the beach with the whole family and/or friends, fireworks shows... there is a lot to do!

One of the most renowned festivals is held in the Parc de la Mar and in Playa de Palma. During the day there are attractions and activities such as drumming courses, correfoc with devils, folk dances and much more. 

The official start of the Nit del Foc begins at around 23:00h with the correfoc. Mallorcans dress up as demons and run through the streets of the city with torches. This is the legendary dance of the fire demons, which is accompanied by percussion and drums. According to tradition, this custom serves to scare away evil spirits and demons.

This magical night is also celebrated in several small towns. In some municipalities there are programmes with numerous attractions throughout the day, such as children's parties, concerts or bagpipers, and in the evening there are beach parties.

Other large fiestas are located in Muro, Felanitx, Alcúdia, Puigpunyent, Calvià, Deià, Mancor de la Vall and Son Servera.

Rites and traditions

Depending on where you are, the traditions on this day may vary. But today we reveal some of them in case you want to incorporate them this year:

La Coca de San Juan


Tasting this delicacy is almost obligatory in places such as Catalonia, Andorra and some parts of Menorca during the Tevetlla de Sant Joan.

It is a sweet with cream, pine nuts, almonds or candied fruit. A real treat to sweeten the palate.

Night bathing

For many, taking a dip on the night of San Juan is a great way to welcome summer and ward off bad luck. It is believed to be a symbol of health and protection from illness.

Jumping the bonfire

Undoubtedly the most popular tradition. Legend has it that the fire will give protection all year round to those who dare to jump over the flames. And it is not enough to do it once, in Galicia the ritual says that you have to jump 9 times and in Alicanteor Valencia 7 times.

Burning the old

There is also the tradition of burning something that is old in order to give oneself over to a new season and renew one's energyin the process. 

The schoolchildren also take the opportunity to throw the books of the school year that has just ended into the fire.

As you can see, there are many traditions and customs to welcome the summer. 

We like to welcome the new season with green fees, hotel + golf experiences and the magnificent climate of Mallorca

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