The tradition and history of windmills in Mallorca

Did you know that in Mallorca there are thousands of windmills scattered all over the island?

They were part of the necessities of life, used by farmers to grind grain and pump water, and due to the large number of structures there are, today they are a symbol and also a valuable element of our cultural heritage. So much so that, in 2004, the Balearic government drew up a project dedicated to their restoration and conservation.


The Moli de Vent was invented in Persia in the 7th century and was very popular in the eastern Mediterranean region. Many of those found on our island have survived the passage of time for centuries, as the first windmills for grinding flour are documented long before the Christian conquest in 1229. While the first water extraction windmill dates back to 1845, and was used by the Dutch engineer Bouvij in the project to drain the Prado de Sant Jordi (now known as Pla de Sant Jordi).

Discover the Balearic windmill route

It is estimated that more than 2,000 windmill structures are preserved in Mallorca, and one of the places you cannot miss is the Pla de Sant Jordi, which has more than 650 water extraction mills.

We also recommend you visit the district of Jonquet de PalmaThe windmills have been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest. A curiosity that we are sure you will love to see is that the blades of many of them protrude from the roofs of the houses, leaving an image worthy of capturing with your camera ;).

The last mill built on the island was in 1935: Es MolinotEs Molinot, located in Coll d'en Rabassa, in the city of Palma, ceased to operate in 1963.

The mill of T Golf Calvia

In Mallorca you have the opportunity to admire one of these jewels of our heritage while enjoying a greatsession of golf on a unique course, which offers spectacular scenery for its visitors.

This is T Golf & Country Club, designed in 1978 by John Harris. It is also one of the oldest, best rated and most popular courses on the island, just 12km from the city of Palma.

Well, when you reach the magnificent 10th hole, you will have the best view of the windmill with its iron box and blades. It has been recently restored, preserving all its charm and identity.

Do you want to discover more about the history of our mills, and enjoy golf on the best courses on the island? Contact us for more information or to book a complete golf experience. golf + hotel experience.