5 benefits of golf for your health

Nowadays we tend to spend many hours sitting down, either because our work demands it or because we spend time in front of the computer or on the sofa watching TV... This dynamic is not good for our health: it has been proven that asedentary lifestyle has a very negative effect on our body. How? It can weaken our bones, alter our metabolism, lose muscle mass and resistance, develop circulation problems, etc.

But don't panic! If you spend many hours sitting down and want to get active in a fun and progressive way, we have the ideal option for you to start a more active life: playing golf! 😉

Playing golf increases life expectancy by a few years. This is because physical activity is fundamental to good health, and in the case of golf, it is suitable for all ages, sexes and physical conditions.

In addition, you enjoy the fresh air and the wonderful scenery of many courses while playing individually or in a group. Still not convinced?

Multiple benefits in one sport

1.- Reduces overweight

Golf is one of the best sports to lose weight in a gentle way, as it is a sport that does not involve significant overexertion. In the long run, it is much more beneficial as there is no great risk of injury and it is suitable for all ages.

It is estimated that if you play a full 18 holes, you can burn up to 1,200 calories.

2.- Strengthen muscles and bones

In addition to walking several kilometres, by doing movements like the swing, you strengthen your back, arms and abdomen. swingyou strengthen the muscles of your back, arms and abdomen. 

3.- Reduces stress

Playing any sport is good for reducing stress levels, as physical activity secretes endorphins that produce a feeling of well-being and confidence that contributes to improving our mood. In the case of golf, not only will it help us to relax and reduce our anxiety, it also has a social factor, as you can play with friends while enjoying the sun and nature.

4.- Strengthens the heart

Walking helps lower blood pressure and can reduce the risk of heart attack.

When you play golf, you are walking for hours without even noticing it because you are always entertained. 

5.- Improves circulation

Regular exercise improves our circulation. Over time, the blood vessels lose their natural elasticity and this means that blood flow becomes more difficult.

Physical activity improves venous return and enhances the pumping of blood to the extremities. The best sports for improving circulation are those that are constant and do not require excessive effort, and golf is undoubtedly one of them.

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